Rates & Services


Although we primarily focus on deep tissue massages intended for pain relief, we offer a variety of services:

Deep Tissue Massage

Using firm and focused pressure to troubled areas, this type of massage helps loosen up tight, fatigued muscles.

Sports Massage

A style of massage that uses pumping motions to stimulate blood circulation to tight muscles. Stretching is also performed to maximize range of motion that will help you obtain optimal performance.

Prenatal Massage (only available in 2nd and 3rd trimester)

A special massage dedicated for the mother-to-be that help sustain relaxed muscles; targets the hips, low back, shoulders, neck, and feet.

Specialty treatments:

TMJ treatment (60/90 mins)

We will work on the jaw, neck, and shoulders to take the stress out of the muscles that cause you migraines and headaches so you can live a pain-free lifestyle.

Office posture solver (90 mins)

We will work on the muscles that support the body weight while sitting all day: low back, glutes, hips, neck, shoulders, and arms. Taking out the tightness in these muscles will allow the body to revert back to its natural, upright posture.

Sciatic treatment (60/90 mins)

We will focus on the glutes, low back, hips, and legs to improve circulation and relieve pressure off the sciatic nerve to eliminate your cumbersome pains.

for 1 hour

for 90 mins

for 2 hours


$230 - 3x 1 hr
$365 - 5x 1 hr
$290 - 3x 90 min
$480 - 5x 90 min
$350 - 3x 2 hr
$575 - 5x 2 hr

Cancellation policy:

A 24-hr notice is required for all cancellations. Same day cancellations will be charged $35. No-shows are charged the full amount or voucher forfeiture. Sorry, no exceptions.

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